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8 Tips To Keep Your Dog Out Of Your Garden and Plants

Dogs like to be where people are, so when you’re in the garden, take your dog with you for at least part of the time, and when you’re not, keep your dog with you indoors.

  • When you’re with your dog, you have lots of opportunities to encourage and train behavior you like and discourage activities that are destructive to the garden.
  • To keep dogs out of flowerbeds, use a verbal cue such as “out of the garden.” This works best if you’re actually in the garden with your dog.

Does your dog enjoy digging up your geraniums or depositing poo on your watermelons? Or, they may find it fun to dig the dirt from your houseplants. To keep your dog from starting their own landscaping business in your yard, try some of these 8 helpful tips for turning your four-legged dirt devil into lawn lover:

1. Check your garden stores for chemical products developed to repel animals from choosing your garden as a favorite place to dig or deposit wastes. These products come in granular forms that last up to 3 months outside. The odor is designed to stop animals from leaving their droppings around your home.

2. Sprinkle alum powder around bushes or flowers in your garden that your dog likes to dig up.

3. To stop dogs from digging in your outdoor garden, sprinkle the garden with moth crystals. If you have kids, make sure you cover the moth crystals with dirt.

5. If your gardens are of the container type variety or consist entirely of indoor plants, prevent your dog from digging in the pots by inserting pine or other evergreen cones in the dirt. Or, place good old aluminum foil over the pot.

5. Bury a cotton ball dipped in oil of cloves just below the surface of the soil in your flowerpots. Make sure it is just barely covered with soil.

6. If you’ve used a lawn flea treatment, keep your dog off the lawn until it is safe. Make sure you read the product label directions to determine how long your dog should keep off the grass.

7. The best way and safest way to keep a dog from digging in your garden and flower beds is to surround the gardens and beds with fencing. Get some chicken wire that is high enough to prevent them from jumping over and inserted about I foot or (30 cm) under the ground to prevent them from digging under them.

8. As a last resort, and if surrounding your garden with a real fence is impossible, try getting an invisible fencing system that creates a barrier that your dog won’t jump over or dig under. The invisible fencing system is customized to your dog, home, and property

Very important if you use a chemical lawn treatment, insecticide, or fertilizer, make sure your dog stays off the lawn for the specified amount time (usually 24 hours), depending on the product you use.


Meet Faith – boasting only two hind legs, Faith reminds us all that it’s okay to be different, that you can overcome just about anything and come out the other side happy and loved, and that you always have something to give to others.

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